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We have a large inventory (some not show) of New and Used Airline Approved Portable Concentrators available to purchase or rent.
Call for availability.


Please check our website or call our office for information on specials and pricing. 772.223.2825

See below for our rental options and pricing!

We recognize the importance of enjoying your life and maintaining an active lifestyle. That’s what life is all about. Medicare and other private insurers, however, do not recognize travel as “medically necessary” and therefore will not reimburse for any travel associated oxygen costs. But you can relax! Why, because we now offer for our OxyPros Plus patients at least two separate types of oxygen travel systems


The first type of system uses the Sequel portable oxygen concentrator (POC). The Sequel can be operated via household current, car DC power, or with a rechargeable battery capable of lasting up to two hours. This unit is also approved for most airline use (if you are flying, please check with your airline for their specific requirements).

Our policy is to provide the Sequel to all existing OxyPros Plus patient’s once a year (up to 14 days consecutive) at no charge. If the Sequel is needed more than once per year, a charge of $65.00/week will be imposed.


One battery comes with the Sequel at no charge. Any additional batteries necessary will be billed at $45.00/weekly, or $7.00/day.
Flow rates are between 1-3 LPM continuous and 1-6 LPM pulse
**Batteries must be fully charged before boarding an airline**
**Check with your airlines for any special paperwork/batteries needed**

The second travel oxygen system we offer is a small, lightweight oxygen concentrator weighing approximately 30 pounds. This unit runs solely on household current and is 1-5 LPM. This unit easily fits in most vehicles and is utilized when patients are driving to their destination. Most patients have little difficulty transporting the VisionAire into their hotel room.

This unit is available to OxyPros Plus patients at no charge and can be loaned for travel use as much as needed at no charge.

When either oxygen system is loaned out a credit card is required to be on file. This insures against any possible damages, or if the unit is not returned to OxyPros Plus in a timely manner.

Travel oxygen systems are in high demand. Please make your needs known 3 weeks in advance to guarantee availability. Shorter notification may not guarantee the oxygen system you require will be available.

OxyPros Plus always welcomes new patients, and we are happy to review your insurance program to see if you are eligible to become an OxyPros Plus patient!
If you decide to remain with your existing company, we will be happy to assist your travel requirements at the following rates:

Oxy Pros Pt Non Patient Oxy Pros Pt Non Patient
Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Airline concentrator $65.00 $195.00 $10.00 $30.00
Extra Battery $45.00 $75.00 $7.00 $20.00
Airsep (VisionAire)
sm concentrator
Free $145.00 Free $25.00


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