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Florida medical equipment services

OxyPros Plus is a full line home medical equipment provider, located in Stuart & Port St. Lucie, Florida. Whether it is respiratory care, mobility equipment, back support or soft goods such as cervical support or stocking support, OxyPros Plus has what you need. From Vero Beach to Jupiter Florida Our trained staff can assist you in finding what is best suited for your particular medical condition.

We support our patients by providing 24 hour 7 day a week staff on call to answer all your questions, evening, weekends and holidays. We understand many patients rely on home medical equipment for their safety and comfort, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Popular medical equipment and services OxyPros provides

Our stores carry most everything you are looking for at affordable prices and we always have a great stock of options for you to choose from. Our customers have come to appreciate and rely on OxyPros to be their goto source for their medical equipment needs. If you are looking for something in particular we suggest you ring our closest store to you and inquire. If we don't have something at that location our team can figure out a way to get you what you need.

  • Hospital Bed Rentals: OxyPros, Inc. stocks full electric hospital beds that are available for rent and purchase. The bed has the ability to raise the head, foot, and the entire bed up and down. The rental rate includes the fully electric bed, full or half rails, mattress, delivery, setup and removal. Other options, such as over bed tables and trapeze attachments, are also available to rent will all hospital beds. OxyPros also sells a Fitted Sheet Set for $40 to perfectly fit the mattress size.
  • Oxygen Concentrator Rentals:OxyPros, Inc. stocks a variety of portable oxygen concentrators for rent and purchase. OxyPros carries the SeQual Eclipse, which is able to provide a consistent flow for those overnight trips. OxyPros also carries the smaller pulse dose units, such as the Inogen/OxyGo G3, AirSep FreeStyle, and the Activox Pro 4 L. These pulse dose units weigh less than 5 pounds and are ideal for keeping an active lifestyle.
  • Knee Schooter Rentals:OxyPros, Inc. stocks a large quantity of the popular knee scooters. They are available to rent and purchase.They have become the preferred substitute to the classic crutches.They rent out weekly and monthly. Safety instructions are provided to patient prior to dispensing this equipment.
  • Seat Lift Chair Rentals:OxyPros, Inc. stocks several different varieties of seat lift chairs for purchase. Our seat lift chairs are rented on a monthly basis. All our seat lift chair rentals are a vinyl so they can be properly sanitized. We offer a standard size seat lift chair and a large sized seat lift chair that is appropriate for 275 lbs and up.
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